Free Public Domain EBooks

As an avid reader, I find that one of the best things about the internet is the fact that I now have full access to a lot of books for free that might not be all that easy to get ahold of otherwise.  Books that happen to be in the public domain can be reprinted without any violation of copyright laws, but without the internet, we still might not be able to gain access to all of these books.  Things like Project Gutenberg have allowed those who want to read and cite books that have entered the public domain a very easy access to them.  There are thousands of titles in the Gutenberg library, and this is something that has helped a whole lot of people to be able to read some classic materials that might have otherwise been hard to get ahold of.

As a scholar of history, I found that I was often asked to purchase books that were actually in the public domain.  These books would cost a whole lot of money, and as a starving student, I often found that it was difficult to be able to afford them.  Thankfully, because of the internet, I have been able to find a lot of these books online, and it actually saved me a whole lot of money that I would have needed to spend on books otherwise.  Anyone who has ever been in college knows just how expensive books can be, and so any money that you might be able to save by getting your books over the internet is definitely a positive.

I definitely suggest that everyone find whatever books they need for their classes if it is at all possible for them to do so.  It really does make college easier.